Projects from the year 2021

Theme: AIoT

TapLock - A bike lock with machine learning

Use the power of machine learning to read your tapping pattern and keep your bike safe from potential thieves.

Gal, Urh, Žiga, Jakob

BeeMonitor - Assistant for efficient beekeeping

A bee control application that helps the beekeeper in the efficient production of honey and other products.

Jan, Klemen, Marko, Tadej

Epilet - bracelet for epilepsy attacks

Make sure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Monika, Aleksander, Jaka, Timon


Motion controlled synthesizer using Arduino Nano BLE. Play samples with gestures.

Jaka, Tadej

Party Tracker

An app for everyone who wants a good party and isn't sure where to find one.

Maruša, Marcel, Jernej

Sleep Supervisor

Complete quality control of your sleep.

Boris, Lenart, Nejc, Tim

Tooth fairy

Detecting when a user is brushing their teeth and encouraging them to do so.

Tina, Jernej, Gabriel

Find My Professor

Tired of reading tiny scribbles on Zoom lectures? No worries, our solution enables PTZ cameras to auto-follow your professors' location.

Eva, Mark, Blaž, Matjaž

Postchair - an AIoT device for bettering your posture

Relieving back pain one Arduino at a time. Reliable, cheap and easy to use solution, based on AIoT.

Amadej, Miha, Gašper

Pull-up Counter

A sensor that tells you if you are doing pull-ups properly and counts the number of correct pull-ups.

Tjaš, Rihard, Klemen, Anže


Never again do you have to check whether your water is boiling. Put on your headphones and let your phone notify you!

Tina, Jernej, Gabriel

StudySmarter - Monitoring Study Habits with Arduino and ML

Do you struggle with bad habits when studying? Identify and remove these habits with the StudySmarter system and let the productivity begin!

Neža, Jakob, Simon


PUPPI is a tiny, portable, edge ML device ready to interpret a dog's mood based on vocal signals.

Luka, Benjamin, Mehdi

Projects from the year 2020

Theme: Covid-19.

Projects from the year 2019

Theme: Firefighters.