Subject description

Course is intended for students of study programs regardless of the level of their parent program.

    Project work stages:
  • formation of student groups,
  • detailed comprehension of the project problem,
  • consultations with the supervisor from the company or institution and the faculty,
  • creative team work on a solution to the problem,
  • presentation of interim basic solutions to the faculty and the company or institution,
  • possibility of the actual realization of the solution to the problem (product prototype),
  • final presentation of the project problem solution.

    Intended learning outcomes:
  • knowledge of work dynamics in multidisciplinary teams;
  • understanding of fundamental principles of project work;
  • understanding relationships between different skills and procedures for solutions of project problems.

Project application forms


Research Labs


All projects from the class 2020/2021

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Best projects from the class 2016/2017