Do you have enough theory and long for practical work?
Do you want to gain concrete experience in a multidisciplinary team of designers, social scientists and engineers?
Enter the Interdisciplinary projects or Mobility and Internet of Things class!

Explore. Develop. Build.

MakerLab, home to all inovators and makers who are developing ideas for a better tomorrow.

MakerLab is a dedicated open lab at the University of Ljubljana that provides access to all the tools and skills students need to bring their coding, crafting and other innovative skills to life. Supported by university mentors and encouraged by competitions and other incentives, MakerLab assumes both a passive and proactive role in supporting innovation of students.

Come and join us at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, where we are offering you help and chance to work at real projects. We also invite you to our workshops of innovative technologies!


New projects. Creative workspace. Mentors.

Do you have an idea for a new project? Do you need workspace or advice? MakerLab Ljubljana is the right address.

You can contact us via Facebook or send us an email at
You can find us at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, building A , 1. floor


Events & Workshops

Our workshops help you acquire various skills from the field of innovative technologies.



In MakerLab we have quite a lot of equipment that can help you finish your project.

3D printer

For fabrication of variety of parts and housings.
How to use 3d printer?


Cnc milling machine for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Hand tools

Soldering station, screwdrivers, pliers, saw,...