Olympic Countdown Clock

During this project, we developed the heart of the Olympic sculpture, which is on display in BTC shopping centre in Ljubljana. The countdown clock is counting down to Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. For the project we used two Raspberry PIs, each of them controls one set of led matrix displays. The clock is connected to the internet, which allows us to change the displayed content remotely and also monitor the operation of the clock through several sensors inside the sculpture. The project was made at the request of the Slovenian Olympic Committee.
Authors: Janez Cimerman, Martin Cimerman, Žiga Brinšek, Tim Kambič

Smart Froc

Smart Froc is an adjustable chair for children 1-10 years old and features built-in weight sensors that allow adults to measure a child’s weight through a smartphone app. The chair has four built-in load sensors that in combination with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 electronics board, measures the child’s weight and sends it to a connected smartphone for display and storage. The electronics of the chair are neatly hidden inside the chair’s legs. The project was developed in cooperation with a Slovenian wood product manufacturer.
Authors: Jure Jazbec, Nejc Jurkovič, Domen Jurkovič, Anže Kožar, Luka Mali


We are developing an autonomous electrical farming robot, which will monitor the plants, apply fertilisers and pesticides and help with everyday work. With a robotic helper chores on the field get cheaper, done faster and can be managed remotely. It puts the farmer at a safe distance from toxins and steep hills.

Interactive Gesture System

A student developed an interactive Info Display system during his master’s degree. Its hardware consists of a Sparkfun ZX gesture sensor, a Raspberry PI 2 and an LCD display. A python program running on Raspberry PI computes and recognises the users hand gestures and changes the content on the Info Display accordingly. The system is meant for use in public spaces for users to interact with the content on display, for example list through a catalogue. A working system is on display in a hallway at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana.
Authors: Martin Cimerman, Žiga Brinšek


Robert is an autonomous cleaner robot. Transformed from a standard Kärcher push broom, it was made smart using Raspberry PI, ROS, Arduino, Lidar and some smart engineering. You can find out more about the project here .
Author: Janez Cimerman

Pebble UV smartstrap

Pebble UV Smartstrap is a wrist watch strap with a built-in UV sensor that allows a Pebble smartwatch to measure UV radiation and notify the user of its levels. The basic prototype consists of an Arduino development board, a ML8511 UV sensor and a Pebble Time smartwatch. The Arduino reads sensor values and relays them to Pebble where they are displayed by a custom Pebble Time app in the form of mW/cm 2 . The current prototype requires an external power supply, but this will not be needed in future versions, as the embedded circuit will be powered by the watch itself. The project is being developed by Jan Skubic, a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana.
Author: Jan Skubic